Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Concepts

Lately I've noticed an increase of visitors to my blog and I'm very delighted by it. I've never been one for craving the spotlight, but I have always enjoyed offering something to society. Previous blogs have been focused on this entirely. I've made blogs on computer programming, marketing, and even affordable home decor and crafts. I've made a lot of blogs and websites in my life, and I've worked with a number of companies to provide websites and other marketing strategies. Time spent in college directed me to Multimedia and Marketing and I found it was my 'niche' so to speak.

Of course, I'm the kind of person who likes to keep things honest. I've never been the sort to nab shoddy deals or solicit/review anything I haven't approved of. I'd rather write an honest, negative review and piss off the company involved than write some bullshit positive review that isn't really how I feel.

Blogging has always been an enjoyable thing to me, and only recently have I considered taking it up a notch. After reviewing a bit for Edenfantasys I've been thinking of opening up this blog a bit more and offering reviews and articles on a number of adult subjects, from sex toys to bondage and even tips and tricks. It's a sad fact that too many relationships are in the dumps from lack of fun in the bedroom, and I think it's time this is addressed. I plan to make a new post three times a week minimum, though I assure you I'll go for more than that if possible.

Sensuality without Sex

These days it seems uncommon for couples to do much more than eat, sleep, work, and have sex. Romance is often considered cheesy and disinteresting, only to be portrayed in romance flicks and teenage fantasies. In modern society romance is often perceived as being cliche. Many years ago a bouquet of roses was perceived as sweet, endearing, and uplifting. A box of chocolates could say what we might have trouble wording and a candle-lit dinner could offer the evening that made you smile for a week straight after. But whatever happened to romance? I can't help to wonder if it has something to do with society becoming more sexually open. Now, don't get me wrong-- I'm not one to slut-shame. I have noticed, however, that it is the more conservative of people who seem more inclined towards 'cliche' romance while the more open and sexually lax tend to be, on average, anti-romance.

Sex is a big industry. A billion-dollar industry that has become more and more popular over the years as people become all the more accepting and society progresses towards a sort of 'sexual and proud of it' mentality. But why does romance have to suffer? Why is it that people who are so against judgement and anti-slut-shaming seem to be the ones who most commonly antagonize and mock those who are inclined towards romance? Why is romance tacky?

I must confess that I was very sexually active (and quite promiscuous) before I had ever experienced romance. I'd gotten around the block, so to speak, and at one point had been the sort of person to look at romance and consider it a game played by naive teens or old folks who knew only of the missionary position in bed. The kind of people who idealized virginity and frowned on those that had been with more than one partner in their life. Those days I was one of the many; an advocate for sexual openness. Like so many today, I glared down at the judgmental people around me and held my chin high against anyone who clung to older lifestyles, shaking my head and considering them to simply be ignorant.

It really shames me to look back. When I was eighteen I was brought into my first intense, romantic relationship. Often I was considered quite the prize fuck. I was highly desired. Attractive, skillful, and confident, there was never an issue with finding a new partner to play with. So it was that when I found myself being, of all things, wooed by an old fashioned, charming romantic, I was beside myself. What would others think to see me so easily enchanted by something so terrible cliche as romance? It was embarrassing, and yet, it worked. I felt fantastic. Spoiled. Cherished, and adored. There was something so intricate and new involved in being with someone very romance-inclined, that I realized quickly how ironic my situation was. I was the one who had been ignorant all those years. I was the one who missed out. Society evolved to be shallow and emotionally void and selfish, and like a sheep lead to slaughter I blindly followed along.

It was this relationship that made me realize how wonderful romance truly is. There is a sincere sweetness in putting the effort in to romance someone. A dinner and movie date, or a bubble bath for two with rose petals and candles and a favorite movie. While sex is great and caring for yourself is wonderful, when it comes down to it, there is nothing to compare to knowing you mean so much to someone that they would take the time to bring you flowers at work or breakfast in bed. These little things we consider so cliche are what defines love. A compassionate interest in another person, in which all we need gain is their happiness. There's nothing wrong with giving to someone simply because you love them. Simply because, you adore their smile. There's nothing wrong with those selfless moments or precious nights shared curled together and enjoying each others' company.

I am completely and utterly a romantic, and for that reason my relationship has reached levels I never knew existed years ago.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Email Subscriptions

After a request I've set the blog up so that you can subscribe to posts and have them sent directly to your email using the option on the upper right portion of the page.

I hope this makes things easier, and as always I appreciate followers and readers!

Chain Tickler

Chain tickler - Whip - EdenFantasys

I purchased the Chain Tickler recently and gave it a few tries over the last couple of days. I have to say, this little guy really impresses me and leaves some beautiful marks, as shown below. It hosts six lovely six inch long strands of metal beads and works for sensory play, temperature play, and even flogging. Impressive for only $8.00, isn't it?
I'll be posting a review of this item soon over at EdenFantasys. If you wish to purchase, just click the above link or use my coupon code TFE for 15% off!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fire and Ice

I've always been fond of sensation play, and in particular mixing cold with hot. Last night I decided to explore my beloved's body in a number of ways, especially so because I haven't yet used these methods.

Using long pieces of ribbon, I slid one under the bottom of the bed and one under the top section. With the tails coming out on each side, I began binding her while she slept-- which of course ended up waking her. Her left wrist was tied on the left side and right on the opposite end, and her ankles were tied in a similar fashion. Unfortunately she was still able to move a bit too much for my liking, and as I stood over her and watched her struggle against those newfound restraints, I concluded more must be added. Left wrist tied to left thigh and the right to the right thigh, she was far less able to move and each time she pulled with her arms, it forced her thighs apart to give me a lovely view.

She was gorgeous like this and I could have watched for some time, but there were things to be done. A velvet blindfold was placed on snuggly, and I moved to hover over her. One can't help but to explore such soft, silky, awaiting flesh, and I did so for a moment in admiration before trailing a downy soft feather over her. Here and there I brushed and traced, teasing her skin to wake and sensitize it. Once she was twitching beneath me it was time for my favorite above all.

Ice. Just one, single cube. Such a simple, yet versatile little thing. First I held it in my hands to make them cold and ran my fingertips over her, watching as goosebumps rose along her skin. I loved the startled gasps and the way she shifted and twisted against my invading touch. Soon the cube was brought to her and, like I had done with the feather, I dragged it across her and left cool wet trails tainted with goosebumps. The sounds she makes are incredible, and the way she moves makes me ravenous.

Finally came the wax. A red candle had been burning for about ten minutes now, and a nice pool of wax collected around the wick. This I dripped carefully in tiny drops down her smooth belly, over her thighs and along the sharp rise of her hipbones. Against the cold water already on her skin, the wax solidified very quickly. Each drop brought a jolt and startled hiss from her, and I could no longer resist.

I made love to her until we were both exhausted and soaked in sweat and she was made to bleed a little and could not handle it anymore. Surely I might have gone longer, but after two hours of play I wasn't inclined to damaging her lower parts too much. Can't have her still raw when our new toys arrive tomorrow, now can I?

Monday, June 6, 2011


The way she looks when she's happy is just indescribable. When she knows how much I love her. It's those times that I really see how much she loves me, too.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last night was delicious. After browsing around EdenFantasies as usual and making two purchases, my beloved and I found ourselves a bit in the mood. Flirtations were cast back and forth and I waited for things to idle a bit before heading into the bathroom to draw a bath. Making use of the adorable bath set my beloved has, soon the tub was full of pale pink bubbles and soothing salts, with red candles flickering nearby. I put the laptop near with a movie loaded and brought her in. We relaxed in the hot bath and watched the movie, cuddling a bit and enjoying each others' company. Afterward we dried off and she donned her fuzzy bathrobe and sat on the floor against a wall with her laptop.

I sat on the bed and watched her. She was so beautiful. So elegant looking and fresh, sitting there in her little corner. I couldn't stand not touching her. Retrieving some delicious smelling caramel lotion, I brought her to me on the bed, had her get naked and laid her down. Sensual music playing in the background, I gave her a full body massage with the lotion and admired her soft skin and gorgeous contours. Every inch so perfect, as if designed for me. Not a day goes by that I don't find myself in awe of her beauty. Physical, mental, spiritual. She is truly my beloved.

After the rub down we cuddled and I ran my fingers along her, exploring her heat, enjoying her moisture. Smooth and silky, utterly flawless. I know what she wants, but I won't give it to her. Even though I find myself pushing the threshold of my own restraint, plans must be kept and orderly.

I want to tease and torment her. I want her to be needy, and wanton, and aching for satisfaction. I've a day planned in the very near future and the build-up must not be interrupted, after all.

She made a delicious dinner and we ate, cuddled a bit more, and talked. Finally we fell asleep beneath the soft plushness of the blanket. It was a wonderful night.