Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Concepts

Lately I've noticed an increase of visitors to my blog and I'm very delighted by it. I've never been one for craving the spotlight, but I have always enjoyed offering something to society. Previous blogs have been focused on this entirely. I've made blogs on computer programming, marketing, and even affordable home decor and crafts. I've made a lot of blogs and websites in my life, and I've worked with a number of companies to provide websites and other marketing strategies. Time spent in college directed me to Multimedia and Marketing and I found it was my 'niche' so to speak.

Of course, I'm the kind of person who likes to keep things honest. I've never been the sort to nab shoddy deals or solicit/review anything I haven't approved of. I'd rather write an honest, negative review and piss off the company involved than write some bullshit positive review that isn't really how I feel.

Blogging has always been an enjoyable thing to me, and only recently have I considered taking it up a notch. After reviewing a bit for Edenfantasys I've been thinking of opening up this blog a bit more and offering reviews and articles on a number of adult subjects, from sex toys to bondage and even tips and tricks. It's a sad fact that too many relationships are in the dumps from lack of fun in the bedroom, and I think it's time this is addressed. I plan to make a new post three times a week minimum, though I assure you I'll go for more than that if possible.

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