Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Fire and Ice

I've always been fond of sensation play, and in particular mixing cold with hot. Last night I decided to explore my beloved's body in a number of ways, especially so because I haven't yet used these methods.

Using long pieces of ribbon, I slid one under the bottom of the bed and one under the top section. With the tails coming out on each side, I began binding her while she slept-- which of course ended up waking her. Her left wrist was tied on the left side and right on the opposite end, and her ankles were tied in a similar fashion. Unfortunately she was still able to move a bit too much for my liking, and as I stood over her and watched her struggle against those newfound restraints, I concluded more must be added. Left wrist tied to left thigh and the right to the right thigh, she was far less able to move and each time she pulled with her arms, it forced her thighs apart to give me a lovely view.

She was gorgeous like this and I could have watched for some time, but there were things to be done. A velvet blindfold was placed on snuggly, and I moved to hover over her. One can't help but to explore such soft, silky, awaiting flesh, and I did so for a moment in admiration before trailing a downy soft feather over her. Here and there I brushed and traced, teasing her skin to wake and sensitize it. Once she was twitching beneath me it was time for my favorite above all.

Ice. Just one, single cube. Such a simple, yet versatile little thing. First I held it in my hands to make them cold and ran my fingertips over her, watching as goosebumps rose along her skin. I loved the startled gasps and the way she shifted and twisted against my invading touch. Soon the cube was brought to her and, like I had done with the feather, I dragged it across her and left cool wet trails tainted with goosebumps. The sounds she makes are incredible, and the way she moves makes me ravenous.

Finally came the wax. A red candle had been burning for about ten minutes now, and a nice pool of wax collected around the wick. This I dripped carefully in tiny drops down her smooth belly, over her thighs and along the sharp rise of her hipbones. Against the cold water already on her skin, the wax solidified very quickly. Each drop brought a jolt and startled hiss from her, and I could no longer resist.

I made love to her until we were both exhausted and soaked in sweat and she was made to bleed a little and could not handle it anymore. Surely I might have gone longer, but after two hours of play I wasn't inclined to damaging her lower parts too much. Can't have her still raw when our new toys arrive tomorrow, now can I?

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